Dec 24Christmas Eve
Dec 23Unplugged
Dec 22Bright Idea
Dec 21Ticked Tinman
Dec 20Frosty The Tinman
Dec 19Monster Meltdown
Dec 18Snowman Trouble
Dec 17Holy Night
Dec 16Figgy Pudding
Dec 15Christmas Know It All
Dec 14Heropotamus For Christmas
May 28Hungry Hungry Hippo
May 26Buggy
May 24Tune Out
May 21The Dad Way
May 19Achoo
May 17Sick
May 14Lighter Than Air
May 13Guest Comic By Drew Pocza
May 12Guest Comic By Eric Merced
May 10Guest Comic By Jamie Cosley
May 7Mothers Day
May 5Everywhere
May 3Hippo Facts
Apr 30The Report
Apr 28Tracking V
Apr 26Dude, Where’s My Car
Apr 23Silver Belle
Apr 21In Disguise
Apr 19Room With A View
Apr 16Plane Ride
Apr 14Packing
Apr 12Planning The Unplannable
Apr 9NERF Gun
Apr 7Working For Apple
Apr 5The Gear
Apr 2Backpack
Mar 31Code Name
Mar 29Are You Sure
Mar 26Sidekick
Mar 24Meet Terrance
Mar 22Out Of Control
Mar 19Ninjadile Surprise
Mar 17Chuan Capture
Mar 15Video Games
Mar 12HipPOW
Mar 10Lets Get Dangerous
Mar 8Trying Them Out
Mar 5Onomatopoeia
Mar 3Funks Of Fangorn
Mar 1Catch Phrase
Feb 26Cost Of A Plan
Feb 24Capitalized Curiousity
Feb 22Viral Video
Feb 19The Book
Feb 17Fast Money
Feb 15Plan In Place
Feb 12Sweet Valentine
Feb 10Sentimental
Feb 8Valentine Cards
Feb 5Cool Gadgets
Feb 3Evil Plan
Feb 1Villainocerous
Jan 29Secret Name
Jan 27New Kid
Jan 25Secret Mission
Jan 22Hot Chocolate
Jan 20Croc Boots
Jan 18With Great Power
Jan 15Wrecker Of Fun
Jan 13In A While Croco
Jan 11Ninjadiles
Jan 8To The Rescue
Jan 6Typing Is Hardf
Jan 4Arabesque
Jan 1Hero Headquarters


Dec 30Hungry Hippo
Dec 28Easy Thing To Do
Dec 25Christmas Wish
Dec 24Heropotamus Eve