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So two comics in one day!

Unfortunately – the content management system didn’t like that. SO – that meant doing some fancy footwork behind the scenes (and by “Fancy footwork” I mean “Stumbling and falling”) to get everything organized.

When I had started this story – the plan was to have it end on Christmas Eve. During the process of making it however, I had some ideas that I decided to go with and ended up with an extra page. Still wanting to end tomorrow – I decided to post DOUBLE today!

So there you have it! In the process of moving things around – some of the comments were lost (sorry!) and I managed to ruin all the incoming links… nothing personal – purely technical. I blame Villainocerous.

The last panel of the comic almost makes me almost feel bad for the robot – maybe it can be re-programmed or something…

To start at the first page of the story – go here: Heropotamus for Christmas

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  1. bbk

    what a treat! 🙂


    josh Reply:



  2. darrell

    On the plus side, they have plenty of cookies!


    josh Reply:

    There is that.


  3. Bo Lumpkin

    I knew it. You can never trust a villainous Rhinockowurst. You probably lost my comments so I couldn’t prove I knew it ahead of time. Or maybe it wasn’t you but the evil rhinosaurus himself. Great story.


    josh Reply:

    It’s true – you need to stop revealing secrets – the internet is trying to stop you 😉

    Thanks Bo!


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