Monster Meltdown
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Nothin’ says “Bye-Bye Frozen Baddie” like some nice hot cider. Add some cinnamon sticks, nutmeg and a few other ingredients and you have yourself the holiday punch known as wassail.

But wassailing in that Christmas song means “go around singing” (specifically in apple orchards?) I dunno, but that’s what the good ole’ wikipedia says.

Either way, our Hippo hero is attempting to save the day – but there’s more than meets the eye! Find out tomorrow!

For new comers – this holiday special mini-comic started here: Heropotamus For Christmas

Just wanted to say a quick “THANKS!” to those that have been plugging Hero’s return. Your links on facebook, twitter and reddit are greatly appreciated!

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  1. darrell

    That makes a lot more sense than my giant hair dryer idea. 🙂


    josh Reply:

    A hair dryer makes sense – Hero’s going for a more festive flourish. 😉


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