In Disguise
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Nothing disguises better!

We’re quickly approaching the official debut of “Silver Belle” – Friday’s comic reveals the new sidekick’s costume 😉

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  1. Drew Pocza



  2. darrell

    Who is that new character in the last panel? 😉


  3. tmcelmurry

    Who’s that picking up S. Belle’s package? It’s who? Really? Wow, I would have never recognized her. You know Clark Kent used to wear a pair of glasses when he was doing those Superman stories, and he’d always disappear when Superman was there. Are you thinking, what I’m thinking? Yeah, bad time for an optometrist appointment on Clark’s part, I know.

    I’d like to see Heropotamus pull of that disguise, I suspect he’d probably have to don a mustache as well, just to throw off the Hippo thing and all. 🙂

    Great strip as usual. Can’t wait to see S. Belle’s costume, and see the duo in action.


  4. josh

    Drew – Thanks pal!

    Darrell – HA! The script has her as “Girl wearing glasses” – so no-name I guess 😛

    Todd – 😀 Silver Belle’s costume debuts on Friday – a then a little bit of the duo next week…


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