Room With A View
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So Joy’s special “Spring Break” trip to Washington DC officially arrives!

If you were wondering – I’ve never been to DC (I’ve driven through a couple times, never visited or anything) but I like to keep certain details as close to reality as possible. I mention that just to highlight that this hotel is based on a real place.

I love Google and Google Map’s “Street View” option.

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  1. darrell

    Yeah, I’m going to be taking advantage of Google Street View as well. Definitely a great tool for artists.


  2. Bearman

    I always end up looking at the address next door when trying to look at a place on Gooble Street View.


  3. tmcelmurry

    Can’t wait to see what lies in store for Joy and Heropotamus on her “Spring Break” trip. Wonder what she will find to keep mom busy so she can don her “Silver Belle” costume and go fight crime.


  4. josh

    Darrell – It’s a great reference!

    Bearman – So true… although, that part makes me feel safer….

    Todd – You’ll find out soon enough 🙂


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