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Whatta joker! Heropotamus likes to tease.

On another front, I’ve been slowly chipping away at the “Things I’d like to do with Heropotamus” list and one of the items on there was to create a page for it on Facebook. It’ll be another way to keep up with the updates on the comic as well as another place I’ll announce news and things like it. Just another way to interact basically!

So if you’d like to get updates in your Facebook feed, join the Facebook Fan page today (and invite your friends 😉 )

Heropotamus on Facebook

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  1. darrell

    I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t fit in the overhead compartments, they’ll have to check him in. 🙂


  2. Bo Lumpkin

    Maybe they should fly Southwest… Bags fly free.


  3. thecheckeredman

    This is one of the BEST webcomics I’ve found! So good…


  4. josh

    Darrell – Or pay extra for sure!

    Bo – They do love those bags don’t they?

    TheCheckeredMan – Thanks a lot!


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