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Discussion (7) ¬

  1. darrell

    Everything is falling in to place. :)


  2. Bo Lumpkin

    Serendipity should always be a part of every plan. Most won’t succeed without some of it.


  3. motheralex

    I’m looking forward to seeing her sidekick outfit, and gear!


  4. tmcelmurry

    Now it’s time to take care of Villainocerous. Can’t wait to see Joy’s outfit.


  5. thecheckeredman

    BWA-HA-HA-HA!!! I just discovered HEROPOTOMUS today and I’m loving it!


  6. Eddie Murphy

    So, Josh, is this a blatant A-Team reference?

    Is there an “H-Team” in the works?


  7. josh

    Darrell – “Falling” being the operative term ;)

    Bo – Wise words.

    Motheralex – Soon! (according to the current schedule… next Friday!)

    TheCheckeredMan – Thanks for checking it out! (and your comic looks fun!)

    Eddie- A-bsolutely. (I’ve been enjoying the new movie trailers) As for the H-Team… we’ll see what’s in store! :D

    Thanks guys!


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