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That’s right! Now available the special edition “Heropotamus: Silver Belle” NERF Gun!

I love NERF, and recently introduced my daughter to the fun that is air projected darts. 😉

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  1. adriana

    Aww, too cool! 😀


  2. darrell

    I love Nerf. Back in university I had a few guns in the lab and I’d shoot flies with the SuperMAXX 1500. That was my favourite at the time though the PowerClip DX 1000 was pretty intimidating (maybe not at first glance but once they saw how fast and far it shot).


  3. Bo Lumpkin

    I have spent most of my retirement fund on Nerf guns for my grandson and they only work for about a week and then he wants a new one. (I’m a sucker for my grandkids.)


  4. Frank Zieglar

    The only weapon more powerful than NERF is ACME… but it usually only hurts coyotes.


  5. josh

    Adriana – Glad you like it!

    Darrell – Sweeeet! Yeah – I used to enjoy “designing” NERF guns as a kid. Remember the “Maxforce” guns that were mostly named/based on animals (Manta-Ray, Razoback, Gator, Eagle Eye, etc.)

    Bo- That’s awesome

    Frank – So very true…


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