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Ah yes – as many of you are aware… Apple’s infamous iPad is now available. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t envious of those that were reporting their receipt of this device.

My brother summed up this comic best when he said “So, since you didn’t get an iPad yet – you’re giving your character one?” (*not word-for-word)

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  1. Kev Brett

    very cool. gutted I can’t have one…yet
    love the colour change in the last panel!


  2. mike

    wow. best gear ever.


  3. darrell

    I would imagine the “Superheroing” apps are rather expensive.


  4. Bearman

    Ipad is good but she can’t use it to get anywhere in a “Flash” hahah


  5. josh

    Kev – “Yet” is such a great word 😉

    Mike – Are you speaking from experience (Did Jen’s arrive???)

    Darrell – Nah – Terrance writes his own anyway

    Bearman – Har har 😀


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