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Generic Lunesta 2mg Pills, It's crazy how fast time flies.

I was hoping to have a brief rundown of how things went at Photoshop World (it rocked) last week, sale Lunesta, Order Lunesta from United States pharmacy, but have been busy with my family and work.

Here we have it - Joy is now Heropotamus's sidekick.., buy Lunesta online cod. Buy Lunesta from canada, with a moniker that continues our "inspired by Christmas song" motif ;)

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Discussion (7) ¬

  1. Kev Brett

    brilliant. Heropotamus’s day just goes from bad to worse.
    Awesome stuff


  2. darrell

    Why is he encouraging her??? :)


  3. mike

    that’s a good code name. :)


  4. tmcelmurry

    Excellent Code Name. I think Heropotamus will really enjoy Joy being around him more, he may not act like it but deep down I think he likes having her around. Can’t wait to see their first mission.


  5. Lusus Naturae

    Personally, I’d love to have a sidekick like Joy… And “Silver Belle” has great appeal.

    Peal? Belle? Ring…

    I’ll just go hide now.


  6. Bo Lumpkin

    Wow… I’ve been on jury duty this week and really got behind on my comics and a lot can happen in a few days. Silver Belle… that really has a nice ring to it.


  7. josh

    Kev – Thanks!

    Darrell – He thinks it’s fun

    Mike – Glad you like it!

    Todd – We’ll see what happens ;)

    Lusus & Bo – Ha! You guys are on similar wave lengths…. now I gotta wait to use that punchline :D


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