Are You Sure
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Sorry for being MIA lately – I was away most of last week at a conference, just got back on Saturday, in time to wrap up the final preparations for a surprise party on Sunday. Phew! So I’m catching up with my girls and hoping to get some rest.

More about the conference on Wednesday – and we’ll learn what Joy’s code name will be!

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  1. darrell

    I don’t know, they both make strong arguments.


  2. Tom

    It was nice meeting you at the Wacom booth. My wife and I love the Heropotamus strip, good job man.


  3. Eddie Murphy

    I can vouch for him. Hey Josh, it was good meeting you at PSW.

    Love the comic, I hope you like the print!



  4. josh

    Darrell – It’s a healthy dialogue

    Tom – It was great meeting you too! Thanks to you and Dan for letting us hang out. Hoping to save up for the new 21 sometime soon. Glad you’re enjoying the comic as well!

    Eddie- It was great meeting you too! I really appreciate the print – that was cool of you to do! Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up with you guys again sometime.


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