Meet Terrance
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Yes! Folks, meet Terrance! Nothin’ says techy like a super smart turtle tortoise!


On a kind of related side note – I’ve submitted Heropotamus for consideration to be one of the “ZingerDing 6” – (and if you’re on twitter – you can vote for it here…. and while your there, since it’s 6 strips that will be chosen… check out and vote for Pokeweed too!)

The votes don’t matter – but it’s always nice to see that number go up 🙂

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  1. Kev Brett

    awesome!! good ol’ Terrance! loving this more and more. James Bond but 400lbs heavier!!


  2. adriana

    Hee, nice! Of course you need a tech guy!


  3. darrell

    I wonder how he’d react to being called “Terry”. 🙂


  4. Trinity

    I just got my sketch and I am amazed at what you can do wtih a couple of Crayola markers or whatever it is you used to make it. It is awesome. BTW, like Terrance. Love that he has been in the garage and no one ever noticed.


  5. josh

    Kev – Glad you like it!

    Adriana – It was natural 😉

    Darrell – I think he’d hack your accounts and make embarrassing posts on your social media sites.

    Trinity – Awesome! Glad you like it!


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