Out Of Control
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Sometimes ideas take on a life of their own – like this one.

Talking with my brother a while ago – he asked if I had thought about adding another character to the cast. I had, but wasn’t set on the specifics.

Long story short, a new character is getting introduced this week (Wednesday) and the story of our favorite villain’s book “How to Get Rich Quick” (click here to get yours while supplies last!)

My brother wrote today’s strip (I tweaked it a bit).

So if you hate it, blame him.

If you love it, it’s because of my changes. 😛

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  1. Kev Brett

    So who got the grammar wrong in the last panel?
    Love this strip – commend you both. Look forward to seeing new characters (also – the Chief? Did I miss something??)


  2. josh

    What grammar wrong? 😉

    (Fixed – and it was my error)

    And the Chief – you didn’t miss anything specific….


  3. darrell

    Ooh, the Chief is the new character? Sounds like something from Get Smart.


  4. tmcelmurry

    Most Influential Author eh? Must be some under hand dealing going on, I bought twelve copies of his book for my friends and family and they have a different opinion of said author. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the Chief, and get a deeper glance into the Heropotamus network.


  5. drew

    Whats to hate? Classic set up. I am telling ya, I can see this on Cartoon Network man.


  6. Bo Lumpkin

    He can probably get the ACLU in on this and get the whole thing canceled, as well as getting exposure on all the networks and cable news channels.


  7. Josh

    Darrell – Good guess – but I figured the Chief was this guy (and I like Get Smart 😉 )

    Todd – Hmmm… I wonder 😉

    Drew – Thanks for that!

    Bo – There’s an idea!


  8. Mom

    Great job Jake & Josh! Jeremiah’s asking when does he get to be the next brother to collaborate on this strip?


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