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Ah yes – St. Patty’s Day! The Snake-Hater’s Holiday!

For most people it’s a day for wearing green, drinking beer and kissing rocks… but for me, as of three years ago, it’s a different memory. Three years ago today, I was with my brother, Chris Quimby and Hoopachoo (a comic from NYC) FREEZING in line outside waiting to audition for Last Comic Standing.

It was a blast – I/we didn’t appear on the show (well, I/we could be seen in line for a second – as seen in this blurry photo)
. Which is probably a good thing (I/we wasn’t good enough to be on… which is bad…. but I/we wasn’t bad enough to be on either).

Good times. We documented the trip via video – someday maybe my brother will break it out of the archives and edit it (*hint-hint*).

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  1. darrell

    I can’t really put down his plan. I play the lottery and I figure the chances of getting rich through his plan are better than mine.


  2. tmcelmurry

    I really think his plan looks good on paper. Unfortunately I’ve tried this and it always ended the same way for me, wrapped up an in a wet cardboard box with an angry midget from down the street kicking me repeatedly in my head. You’d figure either I or the midget would have quit ending up in that situation after the first 6 times. 🙂


  3. josh

    Darrell: His plans are deceptively simple….

    Todd: Poor neighbor…..


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