Video Games
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Here’s one of those “Inspired by real life” strips.

I love playing Super Mario Bros. Wii with my daughter. I love the fact that it’s co-op (makes me want more controllers cause Amy would play with us too!)

Needless to say, my little girl really gets into it and it’s funny to watch her when I don’t quite make it and end up losing a life.

It’s like the ultimate fail.

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  1. darrell

    I only have a few Wii games but I love them. Couldn’t imagine playing without thumbs though.

    By the way, when I saw the announcement of a Darkwing Duck comic I immediately thought “Wow! Josh really is on top of current events.”


  2. zoop

    Hi, I just found this comic a few days ago, and I really like it 🙂
    I like the picture of Mario!


  3. tmcelmurry

    That’s awesome. It’s great how encompassed kids get with video games, and when they get to beat or see their parents get beaten they just relish that.

    Got the sketch card this weekend, very cool. Thanks a bunch.


  4. Bo Lumpkin

    Not only do I have thumbs… sometimes it is like I have ten of them.


  5. Josh

    Darrell – I just saw that too! I can see the future (maybe not on purpose…)

    Zoop- Thanks a lot!

    Todd- yeah, it’s more like I’ve let her down. Glad you got the card!

    Bo- Clever 😉


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