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Alot of good things come from accidents – Teflon, Potato Chips, Penicillin and Catch Phrases! Ok, so that last one is a bit more planned 😉 Last week, among the catch phrase suggestions was Trinity’s fun “HipPOW!”

Thanks for all the great ideas guys – I’m sure we’ll be seeing them more!

I was chatting with my brother yesterday and he was tossing some ideas back and forth…. long story short – we’ve got some fun stuff planned coming up! Stay tuned!

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  1. Dustin

    I just wanted to let you know that your RSS images don’t appear to be working. Keep up the good work.


  2. darrell

    For some reason I’m having flashbacks to the Adam West Batman but with “HipPOW” and “HipBLAM” and “HipSOCK” as the “sound effects”.


  3. Trinity

    That is sweet. I feel so honored to have had an idea picked.


  4. josh

    Dustin – Thanks! I just checked and it appears to be working? Are you using http://www.heropotamus.com/feed/

    Darrell- Ha! “HipSOCK” strikes me (pun semi intended) Hmmm…. might have to play around with some animation soon.

    Trinity- Thanks again! I’m honored that folks submitted ideas! HipPOW!

    I guess we can see in this toon that one of Heropotamus’s powers ISN’T invincibility. 😀


  5. David

    Hey, I just read through your archives and I’m lovin’ it! Nice job, and I love the added color in today’s strip.


  6. drew

    Nailed it!


  7. Jake

    Dustin – I see what you are talking about. I’ll work it and see if I can get it fixed.


  8. josh

    David – Thanks for checkin’ out the strips! I like to add a little color here and there to change things up.

    Drew- Thanks man!

    Jake – Thanks for taking care of that (let us know if it’s still not working Dustin)


  9. Dustin

    I noticed that you’re using the Comic Press WordPress theme. How’s that working for you? Shoot me an e-mail sometime, I have a few questions about how you set up your theme. Thanks!


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