Lets Get Dangerous
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Ah yes, our superhero hippo emulating the famous “Masked Mallard”!

Only on Heropotamus can you find “cartoon icons of the nineties” references combined with over played insurance mascots all in the same strip 😉

As the subject of catch phrases came up – there were a few that came to mind immediately – Spider-Man’s “Friendly Neighborhood…” line, the TIck’s “SPOON!” and Darkwing Duck’s “Let’s get…”.

This was kind of those random ideas that came to mind that I liked enough to draw – hope you enjoyed it too.

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  1. darrell

    He may not be using it but would he really want to take on Disney’s lawyers? 😉

    And yeah, I was a fan of Darkwing Duck back in the day.


  2. tmcelmurry

    Man, a Dark Wing Duck line, awesome. I loved watching DW back in the day. I was a Sophmore when DW first aired, my friends and I weren’t ashamed to admit we loved our Cartoons. We’d all meet up after school at my house and watch it. I miss good cartoons like that. My 3 year old and 2 year old absolutely Love DW now. I have season 1 on DVD, and hope to add the other 2 seasons soon as well as add Tail Spin, another great cartoon series of that time, to the collection. I remember before DW came on the scene being a huge fan of Duck Tales. Man I sure miss great cartoons, now everything’s so serious. Dude thanks for taking me back to my teenage years again.


  3. drew

    HAHA, that classic right there. The strip is coming along sooooooooo well.


  4. Daniel Ted C. Feliciano

    “What’s up Doc?”


  5. josh

    Darrell: So true…

    Todd:Ah yes – the “Terror that flaps in the night”! And I agree – cartoons now tend to take themselves too seriously…

    Drew: Thanks man!

    Daniel: And THAT one!


  6. Frank Zieglar

    “Up up and away!”???


  7. adriana

    Haha, this one made me giggle!


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