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It’s true – I love Onomatopoeia (and yes, I have to look it up every time I spell it)

One of my favorite artist/creators, Mike Maihack, has been doing an awesome webcomic called “Cleopatra In Space!” – last week, during an action scene, our favorite egyptian space heroine commandeered an alien gun that made a unique firing sound.

I, as a lover of onomatopoeia, commented on said sound and Mike suggested I should use it in a Heropotamus strip. I’m thinking it was said in jest – but I took it as a challenge to work it in.

So here ya go! BLAZT!

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  1. Kev Brett

    You have to look it up to spell it…I have to look it up to see what it means!!!


  2. darrell

    I’m with Kev. I’m really impressed she knew what it meant.


  3. mike

    BLAZT!!!!! 😀


  4. mike

    i wonder if i just commented on every comic like that.

    “this comic is so BLAZT!”


  5. josh

    Kev- 🙂

    Darrell- She’s a smart girl. (as a side note – I remember this being one of those vocab words I’ve always remembered… I thought it was such a cool word for made-up sound fx words….)

    Mike- HA! Then you’d be so BLAZT!


  6. Bo Lumpkin

    We had a lot of Onomatopoeia going around when I was in school but I thought they had found a cure for it.


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