Funks Of Fangorn
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😉 There was something about a “Lord of the Rings” tribute band that I thought would be funny. And as far as I know there isn’t such a thing (but if you’re looking feel free to use “Funks of Fangorn” 😀 )

The closest I found was an open call/ad on Craig’s list.

Not sure how serious it was/is.

I’m loving the Heropotamus catch phrases you guys are coming up with! Feel free to share more 😉

(oh – and Kai-Walla could still use votes – feel free to tell your friends)

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  1. darrell

    I’m amazed there isn’t a tribute band for LotR. I’m speechless.


  2. Trinity

    About 12 years ago I saw a band called Fatty Lumpkin, which was in no way a tribute band but did take their name from, if I remember correctly, the name of a horse in one of the LoTR books.


  3. Bo Lumpkin

    I assure you that I sir, am no relation to the horse Fatty Lumpkin. It’s really hard to come up with a catch phrase for a Hippo. It is a very HUGE undertaking.


  4. Trinity

    You can also use “All I want for Christmas is…JUSTICE!”


  5. Tyler Cosley



  6. Leander

    Not only does there exist a LoTR tribute band, it’s a gangsta rap group: www. lordsoftherhymes .com/


  7. josh

    Darrell: You’d think there would be!

    Trinity: According to Google – you remember correctly! Funny!

    Bo: Glad that’s cleared up (clever 😉 )

    Trinity: Another great one!

    Tyler: Thanks!

    Leander: HA! Whoda thunk it! (side note: Hyperlink to the site was was deactivated – If folks visit the link, heads up on the language… )


  8. Trinity

    I am finally getting the idea behind Patchwork and you need to get Heropotomus on there for votes and we can get one of him as a figurine. I want one for my desk. They do good work.


  9. josh

    Cool! Yeah – they do fantastic work. I’ll see what I can work up with our Hippo.


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