Catch Phrase
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Last week Trinity posted the suggestion of Heropotamus having a catch phrase – and the timing couldn’t have been better. Every good hero needs a catch phrase right? So I’m working on finding out favorite hippo’s. In the meantime – feel free to share your suggestions, it’s not an official contest – but if I end up using it, there will probably be a prize (and no – it won’t be a free copy of Villainocerous’ book 😉  )

Also today marks the 30th strip!!! That’s an entire month’s worth of comics (well… if that month was September, April, June or November…..)!

And on a completely unrelated side note – the site that I’ve posted Araknid Kid designs on, (in the hope they get chosen to be turned into toys) Patch Together, is hosting a “Cute Animal Warrior” contest that I thought I’d submit something for. I came up with KAI-WALLA! A ninja protector of the Australian Bushland! Click the image to check it out (and vote if you like it!) Thanks!

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  1. Kev Brett

    Great strip and really love the ninja…
    So with a new catchphrase does that really mean merchandising?? Hope so!
    Congrats on the 30th ep.


  2. Eric Merced

    Congrats on the 30th strip Josh. It’s been an awesome 30 strips. Now let’s hope for many more to come 🙂


  3. darrell

    I think Kai-Walla is going to have to make a cameo in Heropotamus at some point.


  4. Doug

    Two suggestions off the top of my head:

    “Only a hippopotamus will do!”


    “I eat villains – and leafy greens – for breakfast!”


  5. Trinity

    Ha, I love the “Only a Hipp…” though that may be a little long.


  6. tmcelmurry

    Hmmmm…Catch Phrase ideas huh?

    “Hip, Hip, Hippo-ray, I’m here to save the day!”
    “Time to get Hip”
    “You’ve just been Hippotized”


  7. drew

    30 is GREAT! And actually, all 30 are great!


  8. n0t0fth1s34rth



  9. josh

    HA! You guys are too funny 😉 We might be seeing some of these 😉 (and thanks)


  10. Trinity

    Oh, I have one. Hip-POW!


    josh Reply:

    HAHA! Awesome. I think you might be on to something!


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