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Ah – back to our Hero and purple 😉 I was missing drawing our favorite masked River Horse 😉

As I was posting the strips for this week – I realized that I kind of ruined the punchline/reveal in my excitement for last week’s “comic extra” with Villainocerous’ ebook. I actually had made the cover AFTER I drew this strip with him in “disguise” (which is what I based the cover on… see it makes sense right?) … I’ll try to plan better next time 😛

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  1. Kev Brett

    Great to Heropotamus again. Loving the fact you’re building the tension for when we see the AWESOME AND WORLD DEFINING BATTLE! Or something like that…
    Love it!


  2. Trinity

    I am so happy to see our heroic hippo again. Any chance of getting some tshirts to buy on here?


  3. darrell

    Yeah, what kind of gullible person would spend money on that book? 🙂


  4. josh

    Thanks Kev – oh yes, building towards the Epic Battle (one lego at a time 😉 )

    Trinity – Me too! And funny you mention it – yes, shirts are in the works – any preference on what you’d like to see on them?

    Darrell – Only the awesome gullible people… wait until Wed’s strip 😀


  5. Trinity

    I want a shirt with Heropotomus written in big letters with our hero pictured underneath. Plain and simple but not on a white or black shirt if possible. Then when people ask about it I can tell them to come check it out. I work in a comic shop every other Saturday and can tell kids about it.


  6. Trinity

    oh, and I really think Hero needs a catch phrase. I have no suggestions other than you could almost make a whole series of strips just having him test out new ones.


    josh Reply:

    Sounds like a good design that I’ll work up (and you work at a comic shop! cool!)- funny you mention the catch phrase – I was just talking about that other day. We’ll have some to try out 😉


  7. Bo Lumpkin

    I can’t even make the get rich slow schemes work for me. But as to your comment… Planning can be overated. You do good work.


  8. josh

    😀 Thanks Bo


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