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You guys are too funny (and kind). A big ole THANKS to those that “picked up” Villainocerous e-book (they got to see today’s strip early 😉  ) You are on your way to financial freedom 😛

And yeah – today’s comic pretty much sums up what the book is. Although – for those that got the pdf – you know there was more to it than the one page.

For those of you in and around Maine – and if you enjoy planning things early – I just reserved my table at the Maine Comic Arts Festival. If you find yourself around Portland, ME on May 23rd – stop by and say hi! More info to come (in the meantime – check out the other artists that will be there!) Maine Comic Arts Festival Website

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  1. Tyler Cosley



  2. adriana

    Oh no, his plan is foolproof! We’re doomed! 😉


  3. darrell

    After reading this great book I’d like to announce that I’m taking advance orders for my new book “How To Get Even More Rich Quicker: The Easier Way! (And Faster Too!)” and it’s only $1 CANADIAN!


  4. Josh

    Thanks Tyler!

    Adriana – 😀 Villainocerous can not be stopped

    Darrell: HAHA! Sign me up!


  5. Bo Lumpkin

    If I find myself in Maine on My 23rd it will be the end of a lifetime search. I have been searching for myself as long as I can remember and to think…. I just might find myself in Maine…. Is that North or South of Memphis? Maybe you can write a new book on how to find yourself. (Great Strip)


  6. josh

    HA! Yer a funny guy Bo Lumpkin (and thanks)


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