Fast Money
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That’s right! Villainocerous wrote a book! And you can be the first to get it! For the low, low, introductory price of $1 you too can be on your way to financial success! Be the first on your block to download the e-book! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION!

😉 (it’s a joke – kind of, you’ll see…. )

UPDATE: Thinking about checking out the book? 😉 Don’t take my word for it:

“I bought the “How To Get Rich Quick!” book and my whole world has changed… I now have money I never knew exisited.. the phone will not stop ringing. Everyone wants to know how I did it…

if they only knew the secret would cost them a $1 ! !

Thank you Villainocerous”

“That is crazy funny.”

Alright, so how many have you sold so far, or am I the only schmuck?”

(No – I didn’t make these up – I think the first one was exaggerating a little 😉  )

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  1. Drew



  2. Tyler Cosley



  3. Kev Brett

    really tempted to buy the book…


  4. darrell

    He stole my plan!!!


  5. Bo Lumpkin

    I think the secret is that if you come up with a book on how to get rich and sell enough copies of that book you will become rich and then you have to sell them to all your friends and they have to sell them to all their friends and you will only be rich if you are at the top of the Pyramid… I think. I have to go now. I have confused myself.


  6. josh

    Thanks Drew!

    Tyler: 😉 It’s the secret to getting rich quick.

    Kev: I’ve heard it’s good stuff

    Darrell: You’ve got to guard your plans better!

    Bo Lumpkin: Sounds like you’ve got a plan too


  7. Trinity

    I just gave you a dollar so if I don’t laugh this won’t be a very good joke.


  8. josh

    Thanks Trinity 😉 I hope you find it humorous – if you don’t I will gladly refund your dollar 😀


  9. Keith

    This is too hard! I only made it about a quarter of the way through the the book, before I gave up.

    😉 🙂


  10. josh

    HA! “Easy” is such a subjective term (and thanks 😉 )


  11. n0t0fth1s34rth

    Highly reminiscent of John Byrne’s classic Alpha Flight #6! Or the soon-to-be classic Hammermill Tidal MP Paper Letter White 500/Ream!


  12. josh

    😀 Funny

    I should mention to those who have the pdf – Kinko’s is offering a special if you’d like to print it out. Just mention “Villainocerous” and you’ll only have to pay 100% of the printing costs 😛


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