Plan In Place
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But aren’t infomercials their own form of fun entertainment 😉

Hope you had a great weekend! We’ve been enjoying the Vancouver Olympics (in HD!).  Three days later and I’m still in awe of the Opening Ceremony. I hope you had a chance to check it out because it was absolutely stunning. Amy and I were memorized

Crash Land Comic Updates:
Couple quick things of note from my Crash Land buddies (updating the site BTW – check it out for the latest)
It’s Monday, February 15th – so that means:

Jamie Cosley’s reboot of “This Is How We Met” has started (rumor has it the strip’s cast runs the gamut of the Cosley-Created-Collection – which means you can expect all-out wacky fun… plus P.W. Schooner (I love that character)!

And today brings another installment of Eric Merced’s Frank Rain! Check it out here!

And a quick shout out for Drew Pocza’s Pokeweed – a small place just a smidgen past “Nowhere” where just about anything can happen. Check it out here.

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  1. Tyler Cosley

    Cool josh sorry i could not comment on heropotamus i have been to lazy and i loved the other strips can’t wait for wensdays strip happy valentines day [did i spell that right]


  2. darrell

    You could also try anyone who responds to those Nigerian email scams, orders a Russian bride online, or passes along a chain letter/email. 🙂


  3. Kev Brett

    Very cool. Really loving the colour and these two characters (realize it’s been a while already, but like Tyler – too lazy).
    Love it, keep it up!


  4. mike

    oh shoot. I’M one of those gullible people.


  5. josh

    Tyler: No prob! Glad you’re enjoying them!

    Darrell- ESPECIALLY those people.

    Kev- Thanks much!

    Mike- me too 😉 The original punchline was along the lines of “Your Average Consumer” (just think about the various buying frezy fads – furbies, tickle me elmo….) And, I’ve purchased something from an infomercial before….


  6. Bo Lumpkin

    Just discovered your strip. Great series. I found your strip listed on Family Webcomics.


  7. josh

    Hey Bo! Thanks for checkin’ out the strip (and thanks for letting me know how you found it – I’m always interested in how folks come across it)


  8. Bo Lumpkin

    I know what you mean about wanting to know where the readers came from. I have a hard time keeping up with where my three or four fans come from too. By the way… Your stuff is good. I came back to check your archives. Keep up the good work.


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