Sweet Valentine
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Hope you had a great week and enjoy your weekend! I’m looking forward to relaxing a bit – this week has been exhausting.

Some of you have asked about getting Heropotamus sent to your email – I’m working on something to do that… but in the meantime – there’s GoComics.

What’s that? Well, the short of it is: it’s a service of Universal Press Syndicate (one of the larger content distributors) – they have a sub-service that I joined a while back called “Comics Sherpa” touted as “Your Guide to Undiscovered Comics!” A few currently syndicated cartoons are alumni (The Argyle Sweater is one of them) so I figured “why not” and joined back in December.

That’s the long version of saying: to get Heropotamus in your email, go here and click the “Subscribe Free” right below the comic. This will get you the comic sent to your inbox every Monday, Wednesday & Friday – AND it’ll add to the number of subscribers to the strip (and I’m thinking that’s a number used as a barometer of what strips they pick up….)

UPDATE: Actually, there’s an extra step(s) – you’ll be registering for a free account, it’ll send you an email to confirm that account and THEN you have to sign in and go to http://gocomics.com/heropotamus and click “add to mycomics”

See ya back here Monday!

This is just too cool. Got a message from Steve MacDonald during lunch today – check it out:

Wow. I love it. You rock Steve!

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  1. darrell

    Cutlass == cool. Cutlass that turns out to be a paper heart, not so cool.

    “Gaga over gamma”, I have to remember that one. 🙂


  2. Drew



  3. Jamie Cosley

    That is So cool!!!


  4. Anoni

    love your art


  5. josh

    Darrell – Aw – but it’s cute!

    Drew- Thanks!

    Jamie – Steve did a great job!

    Anoni- Thanks very much!


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