Valentine Cards
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Ah yes, the lovely holiday that is Valentine’s day 😉

Ever since I started doing comics strips (Zeek And Dent… I’ll be posting an e-edition of the collection up soon 😉  ) Every February I’ve managed to used one of my favorite Valentine gags. This year I used it in the second panel of this strip.


ALSO! Today is the start of Eric Merced’s FRANK RAIN! Check it out here

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  1. darrell

    Not only do we have an arrow shooting baby but we also have a whackload of arrow pierced hearts. Quite violent if you think about it.


  2. mike

    bloody valentines day.


  3. n0t0fth1s34rth

    Nice gag! BTW, interesting February calendar you have…30 days hath…wha?!


  4. Lusus Naturae

    Wow, and just over the weekend I was thinking to myself, “Self, I wonder if Heropotamus has a dark side?” And here we are… I like it!


  5. josh

    Darrell: So true

    Mike: you said it.

    n0t0fth1s34rth: Thanks! (and it’s a Mayan calendar… Feb’s got 30 days…)

    Lusus Naturae: Ask – and it’s answered. I try my best to read readers minds… before they need to be read… if that makes sense (it’s not meant too )


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