Cool Gadgets
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Taking a little break from Ryan & Villainocerous for a bit for a quick gadget break. (That and I was missing drawing Heropotamus 😉  )

Remember when you were a kid (or in some cases, you are a kid… than this might not apply to you 😉  ) and heroes always had cool gadgets. Like pocket computers that allowed you to talk to a person and see them at the same time? And heroes always had instant access to information that would take us forever to find (cause we used the Dewey Decimal System to look stuff up).

Well, thanks to technology – we have all that.

All I need now is a radioactive spider.

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  1. darrell

    I find it fun watching the old sci-fi shows, like classic Star Trek, and seeing them whip out “gadgets” the writers didn’t think would be available for hundreds of years. Now we look at them and say “meh, I can do that and more with my iphone.” I’m still waiting on a holodeck though, that would be extra cool.


  2. josh

    So true. I couldn’t believe that holographic projection wasn’t part of the iPad announcement… I’m sure that will be available in the Gen 2 models 😉


  3. tyler cosley

    I AM PLAYING WITH CAPS LOCK AGAIN AND I’M HAVING A BLAST and i am getting a cell phone for my birthday and i cannot wait . soooo….. uh… cannot wait for mondays strip [ CAPS LOCK IS FUN]


  4. Drew

    HA! I I love referring to the Dewey Decimal System. My looks at me like I am talking crazy.


  5. puckhogg4

    Great strip! I’m already hooked on HEROPOTAMUS after my virgin strip!


  6. DadaHyena

    Sheesh! Kids sure know how to ruin everything!


  7. josh

    Tyler: Fun b-day gift!

    Drew: Absolutely 😀

    puckhogg4: Thanks! And thanks for checkin’ it out!

    Dadahyena: They don’t do it intentionally…. usually 😉


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