Evil Plan
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It’s good to know that for a plan to work – it needs to be planned.

Knowing IS half the battle 😉

(and a big thanks to Chris Quimby – I had a few punchlines/endings to this strip and wasn’t happy with any of them, throwing some ideas around with him helped me tie things together)

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  1. Kev Brett

    Hits so close to home…
    I love these new characters – look forward to the big confrontation!


  2. Sean

    Ain’t that about it right there! That’s everybody!


  3. tmcelmurry

    I’m loving this strip. Can’t wait to see the two come together. Although with Vilianocerous’ planning abilities it might be pretty anit-climactic. 🙂


  4. Dennis Sweatt

    Ha! I rule that same place. ;]


  5. darrell

    🙂 “Procrasti-Nation”, I’m going to have to remember that one.


  6. josh

    Kev – We’ll be seeing that showdown(s) soon(ish)

    Sean- True! (Thanks for stopping by!)

    Todd- Thanks for that – and V knows how to plan, he just has to plan for it.

    Dennis- Sounds like that place constantly has a turf war going on… or not, since no one really gets around to it.

    Darrell- 😀


  7. Derek "Hendercrazy" Henderson

    Well… I guess that proves that pure evil genius doesn’t always come overnight! 😉


  8. Drew

    I love the use of color change for these two.


  9. tyler cosley



  10. Mom

    Okay Josh – Did you know that “procrastination” runs in our family? All the way down to your little brother! Why is it that I can remind, encourage and nag him to get his science fair backboard done for weeks and it does get done “last minute” – literally. Then he ends up winning first grant! Now he’s off to the State competition. Good job Jem – but I think my hair is getting a little lighter – gee my blonde highlights suddenly look gray!


  11. Josh

    Derek- So true.

    Drew- Thanks! I’m having with the “symbolic” color pallette..

    Tyler- Thanks bud!

    Mom- Alves work better under pressure (or so we think 😉 )


  12. Rich



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