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And here he is! VILLAINOCEROUS! (Good call Doug!) Yes, our main bad guy is a Rhino (Ryan O’Brien – “Ryan O”) It only makes sense right 😉

The line in the song goes “No crocodiles or rhinoceroseses” – and we already have our Ninjadiles 😛

As soon as Eric Merced suggested the name for the strip WAY back in December – I knew that villain had to be named “Villainocerous” and coincidentally, someone else put it together too! (I’m lookin’ at you Steve 😉 see this tweet )

Anyway – hope you have a great Monday!

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  1. Kev Brett

    Awesome bad guy! Brilliant, these strips keep getting better (no pressure!).
    love it!


  2. Tyler Cosley

    LOVE IT cool bad guy and RYAN IS COOL AS YOU CAN SEE I AM MESSING WITH CAPSLOCK it’s pretty funyou should try it can’t wait for next strip


  3. darrell

    Monologues should be capped for time, like Academy Awards speeches.


  4. josh

    Kev – 😉 Thanks (and sure… “no pressure” – tell my brain that :D)

    Tyler- ThaNKs PAL! YOU’RE right caps LOCK is fun.

    Darrell: HA! So true!


  5. mike

    aw man! i love how the next door neighbor kid is housing the arc villain. that’s great. great name too.


  6. Drew

    Love the chemistry of the characters. VERY well done!


  7. Trinity

    Love this. Just read about it on CBR and thought I would check it out. Great Idea.


  8. josh

    Thanks Mike!

    Drew: Greatly appreciated…

    Trinity- Thanks for stopping by! Glad to hear you like it and I hope you enjoy the comics to come!


  9. Doug

    Heh, it made sense for so many reasons. One, the song lyrics. Two, rhinos and hippos are pretty much the same beast EXCEPT FOR THE HORN, WHICH OBVIOUSLY SIGNIFIES EVIL! I wouldn’t be surprised if protagonist and antagonist have some sort of familial history …..


  10. Rich

    Villainocerous? Yes!! Excellent!!! The next door kid has his own Supervillain animal buddy that monolouges….pure awesome! I’m loving this stuff, Josh.


  11. josh

    Doug – Well there ya go 😉

    Rich- Thanks a lot! Glad to hear that


  12. Derek "Hendercrazy" Henderson

    Awesome! Lovin’ ol’ V-cerous already! 😀


  13. Togotooner

    Josh,…this one was is great! Love that last panel. The hands are really cool on the kid in panel 1.
    Nice stuff!!


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