Secret Name
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Ryan O’Brien meet everyone, Everyone meet Ryan O’Brien!

His name has meaning…. and it will be revealed on Monday.


Thanks to StumbleUpon we got a big spike in visits yesterday – resulting in visits from SOUTH DAKOTA!!!!

Yes, the 50 state visit collection is complete 😀

Thanks for stopping by and I hope those of you who are vistors enjoyed the comic and feel free to come again! A villain is revealed soon….

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  1. Kev Brett

    Love it! 50 states done bring on the world!!!
    Look forward to more.
    Love from Blighty (UK)!


  2. josh

    Thanks Kev! (Sweeping the UK is next! 😉 )


  3. darrell

    I thought Canada was next??? 🙁

    Congrats on finishing the US.


    josh Reply:

    Canada ended up being first 😉 I got all the provinces WEEKS before I got all the states 😉

    North American Countries are complete, Most of Europe has checked in along with most of Asia, Australia and Africa and still waiting on a couple countries in South America 😀


  4. Doug


    Here’s hoping that the arch nemesis is …….a rhinoceros!


  5. Mom

    Okay, it’s nice to meet Ryan – but is this the first comic where the girl’s name is revealed? I like the name Joy…


  6. josh

    Doug:Thanks! We’ll see 😉

    Mom: It’s true! The girl has been named from the beginning – but this is the first strip with it (like the comic – her name is inspired by a popular Christmas song :D)


  7. Mom

    Okay. It also has a personal meaning since you could have had a sibling named “Joy” – but then it turned out to be Jeremiah instead. Jeremiah has realized that if he had been named “Joy” he would still have been teased during the marching band’s “Joy to World – Jeremiah was a bullfrog” music selection. See you soon – CAUTION – Teenage boy with hollow leg in tow… with his bass


  8. tyler cosley

    cool i could only make the comment now becuse i was to lasy to do it friday but as i was saying ha ha i said butt well like i was saying awesome as usual can’t wait for mondays strip and not so secret now huh


  9. Bridge

    I like Ryan. Lovable character we can relate to.


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