New Kid
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Here goes! These next couple of strips introduce a couple more characters to the mix. I’ve been having fun writing these guys and I hope you like it too!

One of the things I *try* to do with each comic is give you a glimpse on who these characters are without blatantly telling you who they are 😉 What I like about this one is how it shows how Heropotamus is willing to give everyone the benefit of the doubt – it doesn’t matter what he’s heard. He’s good like that.

On a side note – this is one of my favorite strips so far 😉

On another side note, you check out a recent interview I did over at Robot 6 by clicking here!

On an unrelated side note… today’s the day the new mac gadget is getting debuted. Color me psyched.

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  1. tyler cosley

    Cool cool cool here is my list of things to do wake up and go to and then eat BREAKFAST [ did i spell that right ] any way can’t wait for next strip


  2. Eric Merced

    Very excited about the new characters. What you’re doing with the color palette is exciting too!


  3. Kev Brett

    Brilliant. Love it! Love the colour


  4. mike

    hah! love that cannon. 🙂


  5. Drew

    All the angles are great. You keep us moving and I love it.


  6. josh

    Tyler: Cool buddy! (and yep! Breakfast is spelt right!) New one comes atcha

    Eric: Thanks Eric! I’m having fun experimenting

    Kev: Thanks for that!

    Mike: HA! Cool

    Drew: Glad you’re enjoying it – trying to keep things flowing 😉

    I greatly appreciate the comments guys! Thanks!


  7. Derek "Hendercrazy" Henderson

    I’m sooo digging where the art is going and the writing just keeps getting better too! 😀


  8. josh

    Thanks Derek! Yeah – I was trying to go more “simple” with the art… this one got a little ahead of me. 😀

    It’s been an interesting transition writing strips again – I’ve been used to the single panel gag format for a while…


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