Secret Mission
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Ice Cream is very important in our house. It’s become a routine that we have it every night (pretty much) and breaking the routine can have negative side-effects 😀

Yesterday marked 1 month since Heropotamus went live and I just want to say thanks for all the support! Since we’ve started we’ve had visits from 6 Continents (c’mon Antarctica!), 61 Countries and 49 States (does anyone know if South Dakota has internet? 😉  )!!! I deeply appreciate all the comments, feedback, plugs, tweets and links (and please keep em comin’!)

This week we’ll be adding more characters to the strip (starting Wednesday!) And yes, our Arch Nemesis will be revealed soon….

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  1. Kev Brett

    Loving Heropotamus (had to check my spelling…did I get it right??).
    More more more!!
    Look forward to see what’s next.
    Thanks for sharing and look forward to seeing more!


  2. Tyler Cosley

    me again love it and that is a mission i’d love to complete


  3. Eric Merced

    Awesome. Truly one of my favorite series on the web!


  4. josh

    Kev! Thanks! (and yes! You got the spelling right!)

    Tyler: Mmmmm – me too.

    Eric – I really appreciate that! (Bring on the Rain!)


  5. Mom

    Since I don’t have a heropotamus – I use my teenage boy to assist in missions like the one in the comic… teenage boys with hollow legs…


  6. josh

    I can relate to that 😉


  7. Rich

    Now that’s my kind of mission! I agree with Eric, Heropotamus is one of my fave webcomics. Keep rockin’ Josh.


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