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While this toon was inspired by real life, it’s not a depiction of actual events (kinda). My daughter’s never called me that… (in those exact words 😉 – just that general idea). And no, she’s never wanted to sled off the roof BUT my in-laws have a long slanted roof on one side of their house that semi-connects to a little hill… can’t say I’VE never thought about it 😉

I’ve really appreciated the response to the comic. So far, I’ve had visits from all over the globe (hello world!) and primarily from North America. One of the nifty things I can do with the site’s stats is view a map of where people are coming from (a generic map – it’s not like I can see EXACTLY where you are… well except for you, yes you…. just kidding) ANYWAY, the other day I was noticing that I’ve had visits from practically every state in the US and thought it’d be fun to try to get at least 1 visit from every state in one day. So I present to you FIFTY STATE FRIDAY!!!!

That’s where I need your help! Do you have out-of-state friends and/or family? Haven’t talked to them since the holidays (you know… so long ago)? Send them a note, say hello and invite them to check out the comic! Post it on your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace where ever! Heropotamus is looking to go cross-country and can only do that with the help of you (yes YOU!)

PLUS! Leave a comment for a chance to win a Heropotamus T-Shirt! One random commenter will be chosen to receive their choice of one of these shirts (in the size and color of their choosing). Winner will be notified by email. No purchase necessary to win, 1 entry per person.

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  1. fiona

    “He wouldn’t let sled off the roof”
    Is there a word missing in that sentence?


  2. Brian

    I really like the concept you have going here. I just “found” this comic over on comic sherpa and really liked what I saw. The art and writing really stood out among that group of undiscovered comics. Keep up the good work. By the way, I don’t know if you have a missing word (“you”) in the last panel or if that’s just the way Heropotamus is supposed to speak…


  3. MJ

    Ha,ha,ha, sledding off the roof.


  4. Dawn

    Josh, I love that that Heropotamus is updated so often…..and I want one of those shirts!! 🙂


  5. josh

    Fiona: Good Catch! THanks (corrected 😉 )

    Brian: I appreciate that! Thanks for coming by and checking it out! (and thanks too for that catch)

    MJ: It’s fun… I’d think?

    Dawn: Thanks!


  6. Chad

    Love waking up to a new comic posted! Keep up the good work and good luck with 50 states Friday, I’ll spread the word.



  7. Doug

    Checking in from the 51st state …. Canada!


  8. Splox5

    An arch nemesis! On a side note I’d love to have a house like that for reasons similar to and including sledding off the roof.


  9. Mom

    I bet even though RI is the smallest state, you get a good number of responses – can’t beat Maine – but we can be in the running!


  10. Shawn

    Hey Josh! Consider the 42nd state (Washington) represented! I like the new comic!


  11. anjee

    love this comic! and i too have thought about sledding off the roof. 😀


  12. josh

    Chad:Thanks for the help!

    Doug: Be sure to come again for “Ten Province Tuesday”! 😀

    Splox5: Yes! ARCH Nemesis – we’ll be seeing who that is soon.

    Mom: It’s true! Although, California leads the pack (ahead of Maine!)

    Shawn: Consider ole WA checked in! Thanks!

    Anjee: Thank you, it would be fun no? Hmmm……


  13. Lusus Naturae

    Oregon is covered, and I’m pointing my mates in HI your way…

    And I could really use a new shirt… The sun will be back soon and I have to be able to hide from it!


  14. Derek "Hendercrazy" Henderson

    Been following this from the first strip Josh! Very cool and funny. 😉 😀 Now you really have me wondering who Heropotamus’s arch nemesis really is! 😛 Keep chargin’ forward man!


  15. baroness radon

    Okay, the 50th state might really be the 50th state.
    Aloha from chilly Hawaii where last night it was the (relatively) frigid 58F.
    Lusus Naturae is my much beloved spawn.


  16. Melonie Massa

    Yes, you’ve definitely got a good one here! I am wondering who could be the arch nemesis of our favorite Hippo Hero!?!


  17. Tiffany

    LOL I’ve thought about sledding off a roof before…there was this perfect house, with a long sloped roof, right near a BA hill…. 🙂

    Came here by way of npccomic.com. LOVE Heropotamus so far!


  18. Tiffany

    P.S. I’m in Rhode Island!


  19. Beks

    Hipos make me happy!!! Especially purple hippos…haha Josh you made my day. You’r awesome


  20. tyler cosley

    awesome josh i love ninjadiles they are so cool and sometimes i get what the girl means


  21. Bud Rogers

    Checking in from the Lone Star State!


  22. josh

    Lusus Naturae: Hey! Thanks for that!

    Derek: Thanks! We’ll see who (or what?) plagues our hero – charging forward indeed!

    Baroness radon: Aloha and thanks for stopping by! Frigid? Sounds like a heatwave (for Maine anyway 😉 )

    Melonie: Danke (and the, as of now, nameless one will be revealed soon 😉 )

    Tiffany: It does sound like fun… (and thanks for stopping by! RI is my home state)

    Beks: Thanks! Glad I could!

    Tyler: I appreciate that buddy!

    Bud: Consider TX checked in!


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