To The Rescue
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Does this ever happen to other parents? Your kids sound like they’re in trouble, but they’re just having trouble getting into the snack drawer?

Props are always a great way to add easter eggs, and today’s are no different. The headline on the paper is in reference to a project my good buddy Eric Merced is working on. For sneak peeks follow Eric on twitter and check out his site.

Thanks for checking out the strip. Todays marks the second full week we’ve been going and I’m thankful for response it’s recieved. Helping spread the word and sending in your feedback… I greatly appreciate the encouragement and support!

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  1. Eric Merced

    Aww, shucks. Thanks fella 🙂


  2. Rich

    Ha! Even small deeds can be heroic!


  3. Sheika

    Cookies are totally a life and death situation! Ok….maybe not.But it was nice of Heropotamus to help.



  4. Bearman

    Why else keep a heropotamus around.


  5. josh

    No prob Eric!

    Rich: It’s true 😀

    Sheika: Also true, but you might think other wise by the response I get when I say they can’t have a cookie

    Bearman: That and Ninjadile protection (coming Monday!)


  6. Tyler Cosley

    aw man i want a hippo that is a super hero well i do have a dad that is a pony but he is always in the bathroom 24 7


  7. josh

    HA! That’s just how dads roll… Thanks Tyler


  8. Jesse Hughes

    I ‘specially love his ‘Gasp! To action!’ face.


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