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If any of you happen to be following Heropotamus on twitter, this explains why all his tweets have typos ( for real…. I even make sure that I use a letter next to the last letter typed to add to the clumsy “typing with hippo feet” feel…..*sigh* 😉  )

As a side note, the coffee mug in this strip contains characters from my very first comic strip “Zeek And Dent”, and looks very much like this mug here:
Zeek And Dent Mug
(sorry for the small image… I’ll try to get a bigger one as soon as I find my camera chord… this one is from the original ZAD website that I found via the Wayback Machine)

The strip was published in the local paper starting in 2004 and ran for a year and a half. It was about aliens on earth, not because I love UFOs or anything, but because at the time I didn’t like to draw noses. Ironically, years later (and me comfortable with noses…. really!) I start another strip where the characters are nose-less…. which is something I’m considering adding.

Any thoughts?

I actually have a few of these mugs left (they’re practically Collector’s items! You know, for collectors who are looking for drinking implements featuring unknown characters from an unknown toon from an unknown artist!  ) and will be making them available, as well as an e-collection of over 500 ZAD comic strips…. soon.

Also, this strip pokes a little fun at the print vs. web aspect of the newspaper industry.

I happen to work at a newspaper (actually, I work for a media company that publishes a few papers). I love my job and the people I work for. And for the “Newspapers are dying” sentiments, I disagree.

Like many things, newspapers are changing for sure. The way I see it, products created by these publishing companies are used differently and serve various purposes (for both readers and advertisers… I’m on the sales side of things, creative services in particular) . The print products and the online products are just that… products.

According to a recent market study (2009), we’re also lucky to be on of the largest media companies in our area (for comparison – this area can fit the state of Rhode Island in it 21 times). Our readership (both print and online…. and that’s readers… not just subscribers) has more market penetration than most of the other medias combined. I’m starting to toot horns here, but I’m pretty proud.

As for the comics “print vs web” arguments… comics are comics. How they fit the medium is more important to me than what medium they’re on…

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  1. Doug

    Well done, my friend. Great concept.


    josh Reply:

    Thanks Doug!


  2. JBraun

    My untrained opinion of the noses… Leave em off! They’re mostly expressionless and can be distracting to the rest of a still comic face. On tv, absolutely give Mr Jetson an enormous nose, on paper, you’re doing amazing!


  3. josh

    Thanks for that JBraun! I appreciate the input!


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