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Break any resolutions yet?

I know, I know… quite the optimist. Seriously though, I’m pretty excited about 2010. Mostly because of that “New Year” scent it’s got. And partly due to the potential this year has.

This last “lyric” themed strip brings the debut week to a close! Thanks for checking out the strip and helping spread the word. I’m very grateful for the support I’ve recieved.

We’ll see you back here Monday for another brand new HEROPOTAMUS strip. And I’m working on the first contest… hopefully I’ll have more details next week.

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  1. Drew

    Each strip gets better and mo’ better! Very solid writing and solid art!!
    I wish it were daily.


  2. MJ

    This is an awesome strip Josh.


  3. josh

    Thanks guys!

    I considered doing it daily, but don’t want to over commit just yet.


  4. mike

    oh boy! i can’t wait for the potomus-mobile! i bet it’s an suv of some sort…


  5. Drew

    Yeah, don’t do that. Keep it as is. And just see what happens.


  6. josh

    Mike: HA! Thanks! We’ll see….

    Drew: That’s the plan! Thanks again!


  7. StinkyWar

    Hey, I love this comic! I also love the character design style! I will bookmark this page.


  8. Rich

    Finally reading this….and…. Heropotamus rocks!!! Can’t wait to read more!


  9. JBraun

    I’m so glad I clicked the link on Drew’s page… You’re freakin hilarious!


  10. josh

    StinkyWar – Thanks!

    Rich – Thanks bud!

    JBraun – I’m glad you clicked too! Glad you’re enjoying it!


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