Hungry Hippo
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“Mom says the hippo would eat me up, but then
Teacher says a hippo is a vegeterian”

Something about it makes me smile… I might be biased.

Hope you get a kick out of it too!

I’ve been working on getting the next batch of strips together. Ninjadiles are in your future.

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  1. Bearman

    About time someone got on them for all the energy used to make corn..haha


  2. wit

    Ninjadiles! I am waiting for the guerrilla gorillas. LOL


  3. josh

    Bearman: Ha!

    Wit: Hmmmm… maybe!


  4. JoeFoo

    mmmmm…. vegetarians!


  5. Splox5

    I here they taste like… fish.


  6. Lusus Naturae

    Just found you from a link off — Looking forward to following your strip! Great premise, great art… Great work!


  7. Rob

    Diggin the strip. Also reminds me of the glorious noise made by the Hungry Hippo game my 5 year old got from Santa. And the fact that he has summarily stomped me at Hungry Hippo competition 19 out of 20 times.


  8. josh

    JoeFoo: Based on experience? *weird look*

    Splox5: You should ask JoeFoo…

    Lusus Naturae: Thanks very much! And thanks for letting me know how you found Heropotamus! I love Sheldon and had the opportunity to meet Dave Kellett this past October at the Baltimore Comic Con. /end name dropping 🙂

    Rob: Awesome! And yes…the noise! I liked your choice of the word “Stomped”… very approporiate


  9. Mark Ricketts

    Ninjadiles! Can’ wait.


  10. Riverfox237

    Btw, I also found Heropotamus via Sheldon. And Ninjadiles are an obvious necessity to a comic such as this.


  11. Sheika

    Hah! That’s just like a veggie-stuffed chicken! Love it.



  12. josh

    Mark: They’re comin’!

    Riverfox: Awesome! Thanks again!

    Sheika: HA!


  13. Seth Wolfshorndl

    Heh heh… good stuff, Josh!


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