Easy Thing To Do
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Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! It was a great time spent with family for us!

These first strips are inspired by the lyrics of “I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas”. Find them here.

A BIG thanks to everyone that’s posted links and plugs for Heropotamus! I’ve been very encouraged by the response. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. tmcelmurry

    Really great stuff. Can’t wait to follow the story arcs and see where this goes.


  2. Michele Prentice

    Love the new idea!! Very fun and your strips rock!!!
    Look forward to reading them all!!!


  3. Mark Ricketts

    Three days a week?! You are a machine!

    Go, Josh! Go!


  4. Sheika

    Off to a great start! Can’t wait to read more.



  5. wit

    I’m enjoying this so far. I like the look. Keep ’em coming.


  6. josh

    Tmcelmurry- Thanks very much!

    Michele- Glad you like it!

    Mark- For sure! We’ll see how it goes! (side note: if folks are looking for 5 FULL days of Bangor Maine comic funness – check out Mark’s comic here …that’d make Heropotamus M-W-F and Moose Mountain T-TH! gotta get my links page up)

    Sheika: Thanks!

    Wit- Thanks! Will do!


  7. Armando

    Congrats on the launch!


  8. MJ

    JOSH! Cool webcomic my friend.


  9. josh

    Amando: Thank you very much!

    MJ: Danke! And thanks for checking out Tastes Like Chicken


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