Christmas Wish
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Here we go! The official beginning to “Heropotamus!”

A couple weeks ago I was listening to one of my favorite Christmas “novelty” songs with my girls. “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”. While watching them laugh and dance/march around, I had a thought. “This might make a fun comic strip concept… a little girl who gets a Hippo for Christmas” And as I listened to the words it hit me. There’s a line that goes “And see a Hippo Hero Standing there”


And “Heropotamus” was born.

It actually wasn’t named until after I sent a message to the guys at Crash Land Studio and said “Whatcha think?” and “Any ideas for the name?”.

It was then I discovered that Tommy HATED that song (don’t know how? Scrooge himself LOVED that song 😉 ), Jamie is an idea factory (actually, I didn’t discover that… I’ve known that… one of his ideas inspired the Hippo’s name. Hint: see the hippo’s twitter page) and Eric came up with the title we know and love…. HEROPOTAMUS!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little experiment. Feel free to tell your friends & family (even enemies) and come back every Monday, Wednesday & Friday for a new toon!

Have a great Christmas!

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  1. Bearman

    Welcome to the world of webcomics (or at least new webcomics). Love the purple tint to everything. Very novel way to color a strip.

    Following crashland on twitter so I hope not to miss one. Good luck!!


  2. J.P. Keslensky

    Great concept, looks like it will be fun to follow along. I’ll be here every MWF. I just added it to my Morning Coffee. Best Wishes on a great run.


  3. Drew

    WOW. I am giddy over it! Keep em coming!!


  4. Josh

    Thanks for checking it out guys! I’m having fun with it!


  5. Dennis Sweatt

    Got you bookmarked buddy. Looking for more!


  6. space_cowboy

    So when are you going to put the original art up for sale?


  7. josh

    Dennis: THanks pal!

    Space_Cowboy: Hopefully once I get the rest of the site together I’ll have some original art and things available.


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