Heropotamus Eve
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Welcome to the very special super-size “Soft-Launch” strip of Heropotamus!

What started as a wacky idea inspired by a Christmas novelty song has become my newest webcomic venture. This “Soft-launch” strip is a thank you to those who have supported me this far (and without even seeing a strip!)

Talking with my brother Jake (who helped set up this site! Thanks bro! We’ll be adding more to it as we go along) we decided that it’d be a good idea to set up this setup strip before the “official” start tomorrow. It was also an opportunity to add a few Easter Eggs 😉

A quick nod to my Crash Land Studio buddies lie on the toy bench in the background. Tommy Flick’s “Timmy the Killer Robot”, Jamie Cosley’s “Tony Pony” and Eric Merced’s “DogSaint” (thanks for the encouragement guys!)

Thank you for checking it out and joining this little experiment. I’m still getting to know the characters and I invite you to join me! I appreciate any and all comments and feedback you have. Feel free to leave a comment on here or sent me an email ( joshalves (at) gmail (dot) com )!

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  1. Eric Merced

    Awesome Josh. You are an inspiration Brother!


  2. Dawn

    Josh–I love it!!


  3. steph

    Awesome Josh. Great work!


  4. josh

    Thanks guys! Glad you like it!


    josh Reply:

    It works!


  5. Riverfox237

    My good sir, you are my HERO!

    Do you know why?

    Because as soon as I read the ad for this comic – the title being Heropotamus, the concept being about a girl and her super hippo – my IMMEDIATE thought was, “Please, please, please twll me this was inspired by my all-time favorite Christmas song.”

    And here I am, and I have been proven right. This is surely the most awesome thing I have seen all week. XD

    On a less melodramatic note, I love your art style, and I think I am definitely going to enjoy this! Well done!



  6. josh

    Riverfox237- Awesome! Thanks Jenn! Glad you like it!


    josh Reply:

    Just testing the threaded comments….


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