Christmas Eve
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Merry Christmas Eve!

To read this story from the beginning – click here: Heropotamus for Christmas

And so our little story comes to a close – for now. What started as a random drawing of Heropotamus fighting an angry snowman (I made the poster available here, if you want it bigger than 11×16 click the “customize it” button ) has become this mini Christmas special.

At the inevitable chance of leaving someone out – I’d like to thank (in no particular order) Bo, Darrell, Todd, Kev, Trinity, LittleJohn, Keith P, Chaddah, Eric, Jamie, Drew, Ben, Shane, BBK, Denver, Elin, Mom, Shelbi, eMan, Lori, Bud, Melonie, Mary W, Kelly W, Stephen, Alex, Dani, Abil … your comments, plugs, likes, encouragement and support are deeply appreciated. Your feedback makes this cartoonist and this random idea of a superhero hippo feel great.

And you – yes you. The quiet one that doesn’t say anything, but comes by and checks out what’s happening with the Hippo and runs through the archives (you show up in my analytics 😉 ) Thank you too. You’re part of the folks that make me feel like what I’m doing has enough value to spend your time here.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I’ll be busy over the next few months illustrating a chapter book series for Capstone Publishing (I’m stoked) along with other freelance work… so I can’t tell you when the next Heropotamus comic will post, but for the latest news and any updates, feel free to “Like” this on facebook (or subscribe to the RSS). My plan is to pitch this concept to some publishers to see if I can get some interest – and ideally turn it into a paying project 😉 (that’s the artist dream right?) There are more stories to tell with our heroic pair. The hunt for Villainocerous continues, Ninjadiles are always causing trouble, the return of “Silver Belle”… and what was the “Rabbit Incident”?

For updates and other randomness, you can find me on twitter.

And for some quick plugs – if you enjoy Heropotamus, you may like my single panel comic strip I create called Tastes Like Chicken (locals can find it in their weekly newspaper).

If you enjoy puzzles and brain teasers – there’s my all ages comic “Adventures of the Araknid Kid” which features the title character who “speaks” with rebus puzzles and picto-grams. It’s fun to read for yourself – or with your kid (or someone else’s kid that you know). You can find info on that series here.

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